[Edge Grinder] Edge Grinder is equipment to grind edge of all kinds of substrate materials for a specified profile.  Our wide range of Edge Grinder lineup can support substrates of any material kind, such as silicon, metal, SiC, sapphire and oxide substrates, featuring easy operation and maintenance.

[Edge Profiler] Edge Profiler is a profile metrology system of substrate edge area, which performs measurement of edge and notch by single machine.   Various kinds of material can be measured from diameter 2” to 12” including transparent substrates such as quartz crystal.   Edge Profiler enables improvement of quality and yield management at edge grinding process.

[Sorter/Prober] Sorter picks single chip from various kinds of diced wafers and transfers it to chip tray and Prober electrically test chip to provide analysis of the quality.  Quick and stable motion of our Sorter/Prober can meet your quality and productivity requirement.

[More...] Yuhi Technology quickly responds to leading edge demands of electronic industries with wider variations of products.  We have more experiences than those in this website.  Please contact us for more information of our latest technology and reliable products.

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